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By kettlekev
I cant seem to find anything specific about this but I know it must have been asked.

If I am running an ignition only system with cranksensor, do I need to anything special with the TSP input (ground it? etc.)

I have tried to wire the system up with a 12v ignitor to standard coils and although I can see the ignition lights firing on speeedy (and I have igniter set to 12v and spark trigger to low), the signal I see on the scope at the igniter (when disconnected) looks nothing like the nice short ignition pulse square wave I get when I plug in the speedy sim (which uses TPS to generate revs/spark). Its a horrible positive and negative spike....

I am clearly missing something here but doesnt the spark table need TPS to work?
By LAV1000
If you run spark table without TPS it is only rpm based, like a non EFI OEM setup.

Those spikes you mention how big are they and where did you measure them ?
Did you measure with ignition coils connected ?
By kettlekev
I have the igniter (ignition module) and the coils disconnected and am just looking on the end of the cable.

Do I need to ground unused sensor inputs such as CLT etc.

From what you are say I can just leave the TPS input floating when only using crank signal?

I've got a speedysim so will test the igniter with that tonight.

I am pretty sure I have the cranking setting right as the ignition leds on speeduino light up when I hit the start button and I get a nice sinewave out of the trigger wheel.
By LAV1000
I don't know if it is really necessary.
But TPS input can be connected to ground, no problem there.
CLT can also be connected to ground, but pay attention to values and how it effects your ignition table.

If you are using a scoop to measure at the igniter output, not the ignition coil.
Then there could be a weird spike.
Because the ignitor has no load attached and your scoop has a very sensitive input.
Use a resistor or a lightbulb as a load for the igniter output.
By kettlekev
Ok, todays testing.

My speeduino is outputting a nice ignition pulse.
igniter0.jpg (679.43 KiB) Viewed 410 times
I have it set to 12v at the moment.

My igniter is a Bosch 211 clone.
igniter 2.PNG
igniter 2.PNG (163.78 KiB) Viewed 410 times
igntrig1.PNG (98.19 KiB) Viewed 410 times
As far as I can see it can take a direct feed from Speeduino and either 5v or 12v will work.

The igniter requires a ground on one pin to work which I have.

The igniter outputs then feed standard coils with the other end of the coil at 12v so relying on the igniter pulse going low to trigger the coil.

Bydesign if I reaad the circuit right, the igniter wont show anything on its output until the coil is connected as it needs the load/12v.

But with it all connected I can see the pulse on the input to the igniter but only the coils 12v (coming from the other side of the coil supplied with 12v) on the other side and no switching, and while still monitoring the igniter input lines with power on the coils, I dont see the ignition signal disappearing under load which I think I would if somehow the igniter was dragging the speeduino down......

Either Speeduino cant drive the igniter hard enough or I guess it is broken?
By kettlekev
Bit more thinking.......The original coils on the bike were driven by a standard CDI and they are one wire (low voltage/LV) input coils.

I think that means that one side of the primary (low voltage) and one side of the secondary (HT) coils are joined together inside the coil body and earthed. The single wire input being a +v pulse from the CDI.

The igniter module needs the coils to have +12v on one side of the primary and looks for a low on the other side of the primary but with the original coils, my primary and HT coils are joined at one end so by putting +12v on one side of primary coil, I am also putting 12v on one side of the HT coil, so it cant really work.......

What I think I need is a 2 wire input (LV ) side coil and put speeduino on one wire and 12v on the other.

The HT side will then have earth one side and a plug the other side??
ign5.PNG (2.43 KiB) Viewed 401 times
like this but speeduino replaces the points......
By LAV1000
Think you are right on the CDI grounding issue.
CDI coils have a low primary resistance, maybe rewire your circuit could work.
Not sure about this never used it.
Also make sure speeduino is driving enough current trough the ignitor, 10-20mA.
Igniter + CDI.png
Igniter + CDI.png (59.91 KiB) Viewed 384 times
By kettlekev
The igniter has internal linking as does the coil, so I cant rewire.

As long as Speeduino has enough current drive for the igniter(which I assume it does as a lot of people seem to use them and the data sheet says the igniter draws 10-20ma, which I think speeduino can easily supply?) , then the igniter with its 8.6 A current capability at 13.5v should be OK for the coils as long as the coil primaries are in the nominal range of around 4 ohms.

So I dont think I need another driver circuit between speeduino and the igniter. I've just ordered a test coil so we will see.....
By JHolland
LAV1000 wrote:
Wed Jan 27, 2021 9:10 pm
Think you are right on the CDI grounding issue.
CDI coils have a low primary resistance, maybe rewire your circuit could work.
Not sure about this never used it.
Also make sure speeduino is driving enough current trough the ignitor, 10-20mA.
That is not a good idea, the internal diode will clamp the fly-back to just above the 12V rail which will massively reduce the spark output. Also as the voltage builds across the coil it will push the gate towards turn-off.

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