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By dzozepe
Hello guzs i have M43 turbo, PCB version 2.1 from Pazi.
I cant get it to start, there is no fuel injection i dont know what I am missing.Can zou help please take a look at data log?
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By NickZ
what are your settings? is injection or spark set to sequential? if so do you what a working CAM signal?
so far all the ones i have done using that board and the supplied base map have started first crank.
By theonewithin
Where is your tune?

Without it how are we to know what settings you are using?

Have you loaded the base tune supplied?
By dzozepe
Oh sorry guys i forgot. I hope I added the right one. Dont worry about the name I have pistons from M40 but M43 engine but combustion chambers are the same.
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By dzozepe
Hello back guys. Thanks for replies. I think i found the problem. Only one cylinder firing seems to be ignition coil problem there is one whole ignition coil and it makes "clicking" sound in test mode but still only one firing. Even the LEDs go.
By pazi88
Are you using genuine igbt's from ie. mouser/digikey or fake aliexpress one? Because that sounds like fake igbt problem.
By dzozepe
Hello back. The coil was bad I got a new one and everything works But I still cant get the engine to start seems like firing order is bad and it shot flames. But I set coil order 1 3 4 2 by testing each one and trigger angle set to 246 ATDC and it is definitely good because i checked the piston position so i dont understand what is going on. Could it be that camshaft is badly timed? (i thought it would start alteast) It doesnt even want to incrase RPM when firing just pops flames into intake also.
By dzozepe
The last thing that comes into my mind (maybe dumb) is that VR conditioner could be swapped diagonally (photo attached) but I am really stucked here. Any advice would be appreciated my only thought is that timing chain

Great, I might buy one now

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