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By civic_duty
so i have a speeduino installed on my Toyota 4age 20v, 0.4.3 board retrofitted a Mitsubishi 1g cas sensor for crank/cam signal. it running sequential fuel and spark. board is setup for hall sensor input (no VR conditioner), JP1 i set to 5v . Tunerstudio software spark settings set to going low and sequential, cranking dwell 6ms and running is 4ms, spark duration 1ms. i am using honda D17 coils (similar to K20), however when the ignition is on engine not running the coils get extremely hot over a short period of time. can anyone give me some guidance as to what is going on.

Also i've replaced resistors R25,R27,R31,R32 with 10 ohm ones as per viewtopic.php?f=18&t=1607&start=10&hili ... il+on+plug
By civic_duty
okay so i did some back tracking and found out that i mistakenly swapped the injector and ignition wires on the wire harness all is well now

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