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By Stars
Hello all! I am excited for my PCB and the kit to arrive.. I am going to be putting this in my 2002 Honda Civic to increase it's horsepower a bit, and hopefully make it more fuel efficient.

The idea is that I want to have a open source computer on my car so I can have complete control over what my vehicle does. I can do this with my personal computer at home, and my phone. So it would make sense that I would be able to do the same with my car! I will be building it from all the pieces and soldering it myself because I am gaining more experience soldering. I would like to get someone to 3D print a speeduino box for the board to sit in and I am probably going to mount it on the outside of my glove compartment for cool looks 8-)

I have been doing a lot of research over the last couple of months and I really think that I can do this with ease considering I have been working with electronics, open source software, and microprocessors experience. I have looked around at this community and I have to say it's pretty damn impressive in regards to how enthusiastic and motivated everyone is to making a cheaper alternative to overly expensive hacked ways to tune a car, instead of just making it tunable natively.

Anyway, as I am waiting on the parts, I was wondering if anyone can give me pointers as to how about I go setting this up in my vehicle. I know a couple of things already such as adjusting the timing angle, reading the crank gear tooth, and mounting the whole thing to the cars harness, but I don't know if there are any potholes in the way as no one has done this specific engine yet. So if anyone has any experiences on what they did with their engine it would be highly appreciated!

Thanks so much for reading my wall of text!!
By theonewithin
You need to be specific...

If you have read through the wiki and done the reading here you should know that experience in coding and microprocessors isn't not needed at all.

Any pitfalls you come across will likely be gaps in your knowledge which you won't know are missing until you try.
By Stars
Fair enough I never meant me knowing how to program microprocessors is, for the most part irrelevant in this project.

I'm more or less just checking with the community if there is anything I need to be aware of other than just hooking it up and installing the basemap. I'm going with that one that DCWEX used used on his d15 engine. I just don't really want to screw up my engine because I just dropped a new one in like last year.
By stum
As long as you connect up the important connections and get the wiring right....... It will start on the very basic map. Im surprised at how far you can be out with timing or other settings and it will fire up.

From My experence the most important ones to get right are the Trigger settings. And their edge........ Squirts per ......
Put a timing light on it and make sure you are seeing a stable spark (use the fixed timing ie 10')
Injector settings google will get you very close.
Few other sensors (TPS, Water temp and MAP line) and it will fire up and run. After that the more sensors the better it will run..... and then a Wideband O2 to tune it.

Good luck
By Stars
Thank you for the information! It's really helpful.

Is there an amount of time where it starts to hurt your engine when it's first started out of timing? Or what it sounds like if it's so out of time that it hurts the engine?

Thanks 0/
By stum
easiest way I have found is to set up your ign system, trigger wheel .........
either disconnect your injectors at the plugs, disconnect your fuel pump. Or set up flood clear (TPS required, and hold your foot flat) any of these options will prevent fuel being delivered.
And Crank. Timing light. Set timing ie Fixed 10deg (setting in tuner studio) Adjust to ie 10 deg. with offset settings
Timing sorted. I have run my engine at fixed 10 deg (BTDC) no problems

Then move on to fuel........
By Stars

Just a little progress update, my speeduino has shipped! In preparation I bought a old ECU from another car and I am going to use the old connectors so I can just swap back to my old ECU in case I have any issues.

I was reading around and I was wondering if anyone has input on wether I should put an adjustable cam gear to possible increase the performance a bit more. If anyone has any insight please let me know!
Get it running first on what you have. Add modifications one at a time if possible. That way if you get any issues, its probable its with the modification you have just made. :)

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