Help with building your Speeduino, installing it, getting it to run etc.
By Steveweippert
I also found and got this trigger from a v8 mercruiser boat distributor. It fits inside the factory distributor and is a much closer fit to the shaft than the other 8 tooth one I have. Very similar to the stock one but with 8 equally spaced teeth instead of 4. Should I remove one ?
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Yes, they are very handy, and one of my favorite solutions. Be sure to read all of the documentation for things like the directional requirements (which way the teeth pass the sensor face), which will affect your Trigger Edge settings, etc. Show us what you create!
By Steveweippert
Yeah I cant wait I have so many options to try now i also have a 1g dsm cas assembly I'm mating to a distributor base to try out with a yoshi fab hi resolution trigger disk. I just love the making of random stuff to see how it works. Also have a d16 honda distributor unit that looks interesting but it's pretty heavy and bulky.
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