Help with building your Speeduino, installing it, getting it to run etc.
I slapped the newly soldered board onto the Arduino, loaded the firmware, and am connected through Tuner Studio. I don't have any sensors hooked up to it except for MAP, although I think I cooked the MAP while soldering it in. My Tuner Studio gauge reads 3 PSI and it doesn't change when I blow into it.

On the board itself, the LED7 LED is on but everything else is off.

How do I know if I put this thing together correctly before moving on? Or do I just wire sensors up to it and see if it works?

This is going in my old muscle car for reading temperature and stuff for the time being. Eventually fuel/spark control but treating it as a data logger for now.

Are there any lights that should or shouldn't be on when only plugged into the computer?

corncheesemafia wrote:
Sat May 30, 2020 1:47 pm
How do I know if I put this thing together correctly before moving on? Or do I just wire sensors up to it and see if it works?
This. You can instead use fixed resistors or potentiometers in order to verify function and rough calibration response, if you prefer. Generally, no LEDs should be on (except the Mega) when only powered and no timing signals are applied.

You already know your MAP is not functioning correctly, so check that, also verifying the orientation is not simply upside-down. Finally, cross-check your components, orientations, and ratings against the schematics and PCB images and videos for any specific failures, test for good solder joints, and verify your firmware and settings are properly loaded and configured for your specific board version.
So I poked around for a couple hours and couldn't find any issues with the assembly. I ended up going into tuner studio and changed the input trigger to one of the other options (not MAP) and the light turned off! I think it's just reading a weird signal from MAP that isn't actually there. Maybe there's a short on that connection on the pin with two traces that I burned out and are no longer connected. I imagine it'll be fine once I solder in a new MAP and robustify that little junction.

In other news, I hooked up my Amazon GM style temp sensor to the board and calibrated it at ambient air temp, using cold water, and boiling water and it's all working as expected! So I think I put it together okay and just need to repair the MAP.

Thanks for the help!
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