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By jonbill
Hi all,
I'm thinking about doing a parallel install with a friend on a supercharged 1zz engine.
I'm thinking ua4c. I saw on dcwerx YouTube cutting a couple of traces and desoldering a blob somewhere on the board. I believe this is to allow the two ecus to read the IAT, TPS, CLT at the same time.
I Also read that sometime the parallel install is possible and sometimes not, depends on the ECU we're dealing with.
So, is there a decent write up anywhere for how to figure out if it's possible on this engine and confirm what I'd need to do?


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By jonbill
Time passes.....

I've now got a 0.4.3c for this project built and with r1 and r3 left off.
I think the standard 1zz engine has a 36-2 crank wheel and 4-1 cam, both VR, which after a thorough reading of the decoder wiki is already supported, so I can do it sequential it seems.
I'm waiting on a V4UC breakout board and then the next step is to tap into the sensor wires to the OEM ECU and see if I can get TS reading it all correctly.
Initially, temp sensors, then crank and cam then TPS and add the wbo2 and MAP in and then on to supplanting the OEM ECU for injector and maybe ignition control.
(I may leave ignition control on the OEM ECU along with VVT control, I don't think I can improve them).
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By jonbill
quick question -
for a parallel install, should I connect the Speeduino signal ground pins to the signal grounds of the OEM ECU, or can I just connect them to a chassis ground?
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By jonbill
An update!
I've connected all the sensors and everything is working - I have sequential sync (on both crank and cam) and Speeduino thinks it's running the car :D


There's one small problem - Speeduino loses sync every few seconds at idle (only when it's idling low at 750 rpm). I think it's because the engine misfires every few seconds at that rpm. It seems to be synchronous with the oem ECU oscillating between rich and lean. if I keep the RPM up a bit it doesn't happen.
It could also be noisy signals on the VR-, since the Toyota wiring loom shares VR- between crank and cam sensor, although I'd think that would get worse at higher revs, not better!.
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By jonbill
I have it running on Speeduino. Not brilliantly, because I've been tuning from the NB sensor and the calibration data seems a long way out - it runs happily at an apparent AFR 19 on the Toyota ECU!

so next step is to add the WBo2 sensor.

Only thing I don't like is it doesn't get sync while cranking - I had to add a large priming squirt to get it to start but I suppose I can live with that.
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By jonbill
I have a bit of a problem with the VR signals I think. Neither the Toyota ECU nor the Speeduino can rev past 4000 rpm if both are connected to the VR wires.
does anyone know what the problem could be? or how I should start to analyse it?

thanks for any suggestions.
By theonewithin
Do you need to use the Speedy for ignition?

Could just use it for fuel only and allow OEM ignition control.

Won't need to tie into the crank/cam trigger then. Could just feed an injector pulse into the Speedy and set to distributor or whatever it is.
By runesm
theonewithin wrote:
Thu Jul 02, 2020 3:16 am
Do you need to use the Speedy for ignition?

Could just use it for fuel only and allow OEM ignition control.

Won't need to tie into the crank/cam trigger then. Could just feed an injector pulse into the Speedy and set to distributor or whatever it is.
This is an okay way of going about it. The 1zz ecu has amazing knock control, and i've seen plenty run ~250hp on fully stock ignition, just fuel control.
Try taking the ig-F signal from the coils and put it in as a hall crank trigger, and set it to basic distributor. Every time a coil fires, it sends a 5v "i've fired"-confirmation signal back to the ecu.
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By jonbill
thanks guys, yes, my aim is to only control fuel with Speeduino, although I have been thinking for the last couple of days that I'd have to switch to speedy doing everything for this problem and worry that the Toyota ECU would give too much advance under boost.

very encouraging, thanks!
By evo_lucian
Hey Jon,great to see your project coming along nicely, even with the narrow band sensor. Do you have the sensor ground hooked up ?

I had bad luck with the DSC VR conditioner not getting sync at start up on the last couple Toyota parallel installs I did. I switched to the max9926 VR conditioner and it worked brilliantly.

Post a log and a copy of your tune and we will have a look at the rev limiter issue

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