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By subzero
Sorry for the delay have eome problems last year
Mover to 200220 firmware
Injectors are bosch 0280156023 i found is rated373 cc/minImage

You can trll me is dead time is ok .
Second question warmup .afterstart enrichments?.
Im going to fabticate this week an aluminium adapter for hall sensor and finally install all together.im going yo tune speeduino 0.3 wiyh teensy adapter .please only im a total noob about tuning.im going only to tune fuel .ezl wotk ok for me
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By subzero
Some progress need to find tps compatibile with my mercedes tb
Finish first pary of eiting harness ground plus positives via relays and fuses
Huge ground
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By subzero
Found box plus connector tomorrow i will start wiring
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By subzero
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Uffa box ready and fixed
By subzero
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Triger wheel plus hall sensor installed
Fuelbrail adapted and ready
By subzero
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Quasi ready need to fabricate an aluminium plate to close the extra injector hole.
Found a perfect tps small in size that fits my car
From rover car. I have to coean th wiring harness
Connect all the cables to be ok and we are ready to run and tune
By subzero
Finally found the problemm it was my teensy with adapter used an original arduino and after crank the car goes on and has rought idle need sone tuning.
A second question i use a bmw hall sensor and has 12 volt outpout ,used diode and pullup an have sync but for good sync ineed to have noise filter to medium.
,If i wire hall for 5 volts from speeduino can resolve the req filter noise i see other to have no problemm with noise or i need 10x resistor from hall to ground?
By subzero
My wideband innovate mtx l plus is stucked at 22.4 afr recalibrate and all the time is 22.4 afr is the lsu 4.9 dead or my controller
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