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By subzero
engine swap from 1.8 to 2.3
here is 1.8 old engine
20181013_132056.jpg (4.17 MiB) Viewed 2348 times
By subzero
bought this engine 4 years agohere is prohibithed to swap engine of differend type
m102 needs to be swapped with m102
and i preffer na engine no turbocharged
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By AyobamiFakunle
I understand, later you can fabricate a trigger wheel from thin metalinto the distributor and us an optical sensor ( opb625) to read it. PS the 2.2 is naturally aspirated
By subzero
here i have the stock cis injection
i await for the parts to arrive from ebay
today i found a renault engine tps and i will try to adapt it to stock throttle body
changed on motor
new belt
new pump bushings
new filters ,cleaned gas tank
new clutch- slave cylinder for clutch
new belt tensioner
By subzero
finished all the work related to engine swap all works like a charm
taked out the intake manifold from previous motor to adapt the tps and fuel rail.
the only question i have is meercedes has an old style tps who p4ovides only close posision for idle and ignition map fuel open or full close
i want to preserve this circuit , how i can to adapt the tps to w9rk with older tps?
20181022_180317.jpg (2.48 MiB) Viewed 2173 times
By dazq
I had this situation once .this is what I did.
Changed the TPS to the new style variable type.
Made a small circuit up with two relays.its input is the analog from the new TPS too.
Made the two relays switch at max and minutes positions just like the old style tips would have. :-)
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