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The TPS of my vehicle has TPS reversed. Butterfly closed=1500ohm; Butterfly opened=800ohm. I saw the forum to turn positive/negative but I can not turn the positive and negative because there are other sensors correctly connected. I Attached scheme and screenshot of the current configuration. What can I do?
The needle is moving correctly but with reverse.
Thanks for your help
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Koop wrote: Fri Apr 21, 2017 1:19 pmWhat's the reason you can't swap the two wires?
If his schematic is showing for you; if A177-3 and A177-4 are swapped, everything attached to A177-7 will be wrong polarity. :( If the two TPS sensors are divergent, then it may be possible to use the other output (A177-5 or A177-8).

Thanks PSIG
B151 is idle potentiometer
B147 is TPS potentiometer

I have 4 (positive), 5 (signal TPS potentiometer), 7 (negative)
I can not swap 5 and 8 :D

I need to change something of Speeduino or TunerStudio but I don't know what change

Thank you guys for your help
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Sorry Xavier—I saw you joined #development on Slack, so I thought you saw the answer Vitor gave. :oops: In the sensors.ino file:
vitor_boss 3:51 PM:
... before the line 'currentStatus.tpsADC = ADC_FILTER(tempTPS,...'
Insert this:
if (configPage1.tpsMin > configPage1.tpsMax) { tempTPS = 255 - tempTPS; }
There you go. Most reverse or inverse TPS can be rewired as Koop was saying, but yours cannot or would be difficult. So, this code change should get you going until a more permanent change is made to the official Speeduino code.

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