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By Mancino
I dunno, either there is a huge problem or I'm doing something wrong because when I've done tooth logs, sometimes nothing shows up...this is the most I can get from a tooth log. I sent the composite logs because I kept getting squat from them
Tooth Log.png
Tooth Log.png (134.53 KiB) Viewed 381 times
By theonewithin
Tooth logger requires a lot of impulses.

So you start it. Wait a moment. Crank. Don't stop until you get an output.

Also that tooth log doesn't look right at all.

What pattern is that meant to be?
By Mancino
4G63 sensor from a Mazda Miata. But its mounted on a VW motor using an adapter plate.

Yeah, that's pretty much what I was trying before. Crank, wait, crank again, etc...I have a feeling that's why I don't see much though. Wherever the noise is, it's only happening while cranking. Once it's started, it seems happy
By Mancino
When I have the injector fuses installed it bucks to try and start, so yes it will sometimes crank irregularly. But otherwise, the cranking speed is consistent.
By theonewithin
Try a different starter motor.

Current one may actually be faulty in that.it throws.out a huge amount of noise.

Why on earth did you choose that pattern?

I hope you have the offset set to 0 and have been adjusting the cam angle to set the timing as there are issues with the that trigger if you change the offset.
By Mancino
They make an adapter kit for a 16v motor that makes the swap for cam and crank position very simple. I heard these sensors worked well...apparently not during startup. Once it runs, no issues at all. It's only cranking.

This is my 2nd starter. I had the first issue with my trigger problem, so an already weak starter just didn't have the power to crank the high compression once I'd gone through a few days of constant cranking. The replacement is a reman'd Bosch, but I did notice its way louder than the older Bosch unit it replaced...you could be onto something.

But until I can get another one, I'll experiment with some ferrite cores tonight. Maybe I can filter out some of it.

I also did not set the trigger by hand. I just set the sensor to roughly zero, then adjusted the offset in TS...but each time I've check timing, it's hasn't drifted. However, it did drift when I had "resync every cycle" set. It would go back and forth 10° so I disabled that.
By theonewithin
Set offset to 0 and adjust cam manually.

The decoder is not written to have an offset and can cause issues.

Noisy as in electrically.

If the issue only happens during cranking then it is likely a culprit.
By Mancino
Gotcha...I'll give that a shot. Should I turn on the "sync after every cycle" back on? I originally followed the instructions from the Speedy wiki page, but found I had better luck not using it.

I followed what you meant by "electrically noisy" before. I just noticed it was mechanically noisier than others I've used in the past so it made me wonder...

I had some success with ferrite cores and an O-scope last night. I found random spikes of 1.5v on the cam and crank signals. After installing the cores, the noise was limited to under 500mv. One thing that did concern me was I couldn't always get the larger spikes to show up when the cores weren't installed. I would move the harness around and it wouldn't always hit 1.5v but rather be around 500mv. Either way, with the cores installed I got a consistent value that was always lower.
theonewithin wrote:
Thu Apr 08, 2021 6:35 am
Set offset to 0 and adjust cam manually.

The decoder is not written to have an offset and can cause issues.

Noisy as in electrically.

If the issue only happens during cranking then it is likely a culprit.
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