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By Mauro Cabello
Im doing a fuel only project on a CG 150cc engine I need the fuel pump but I cant find something that would work for me. I need a In line fuel pump for a 125cc injector that works around 40 PSI.
By BroKingScooters
I just picked one off amazon with the lowest fuel flow. It is a little bigger than I want. but 35 bucks, external regulator for 20. Again, they are way big, but a good start till a suitable alternate can be sourced from aliexpress.
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I have used an inlet adapter fitting to convert an in-tank pump to inline pump. Search for a "30mm fuel pump" or "scooter fuel pump" to see what you can find to work with? Measure and search sites like or for some example fittings. Good luck!
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By digmorepaka
I can recommend the Suzuki 15100-03H11(or rather the 20$ clone on aliexpress). 35L/h, capable of ~4.5bar. I think that's the one that PSIG is talking about as well.

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