Any questions you have before you begin buying, building and installing.
By Piwel
Sorry for bad english, I hope I'm understandable at least.

I have a Audi Coupé B3 2.0L which runs on a crappy K-JET injection system ;
It has to be refurbished since the car didn't runned since 2013, and a very few can repair these.
They are well known to be unreliable too.

So, I would like to switch this with a MPI EFI that I can have from a spare ADA engine and I would like to make it work with a Speeduino.

Here's my plan:
I would like to connect only the injection system, not the ignition one, cause it's already well managed by a distributor.

The only problem I can see right now is:
I don't have any TDC sensor, maybe one around the gearbox : 012 409 191 D VAG
But it seems to be an old system (Reed) and is powered by 12V, not 5V.

Or there is a Hall sensor in the distributor head : 034 998 065 VAG ... 05-905050/
piece number 16 !

Other informations/questions for people who are wanting to help a bit more :

- Oil pressure and oil temp sensors are present (I will not connect these to the Speeduino I think?)

- I think the ADA engine is equipped with a PWM idle system : 048 133 455 VAG. Am I correct?

- It has also a air mass flow meter : 050 133 471A. Is it necessary/better to keep it?

- I will install a chinese AFR Sensor that should do the trick to map the car, I guess? Is there any other way with the OEM O2 sensor for example?

Also, what pre-made model can I use to do it properly? I was going to use a DIY-EFI C2C (Compact 2 Channel) ECU.

It's only a base "concept" to make the car work again, but I would go with smart coils and son on in the future, I don't know yet...
By runesm
For an absolutely basic fuel-only install, you can piggyback onto the hall sensor signal from the distributor. If it has 5 windows, speeduino gets rpm information 5 times per 2 crank rotations, which will work absolutely fine for what you are looking for. It MIGHT even work if the hall-sensor-trigger-plate only has 1 window for signal, but I wouldn't recommend that low of a resolution.

What i would recommend for sensor signals;
Throttle position sensor
Intake air temp
Coolant temp
RPM (From the distributor could work)
Wideband - and since you touched on it, do NOT BUY CHEAP CHINESE, buy something of known quality, like AEM or 14point7.

Regarding the C2C, contact the vendor and hear him if it can do 3 injectors on one channel.
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By GolGT86
Bro, just put speed to take care of all fuel and ignition system. We got more advantages with spark control than the fuel control. I have a Gol GT with EA827 turbo on e100 running in distributor, engine totaly controled by speed. 2 tables for spark, full idle control, advance correction by engine and air temp e etc. Its much easier to put speed to take car of ignition too.

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