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By Anonamis Donor
Hi guys, new to the forum.
So I purchased the (speeduino titan ecu proyect) ECU for my Honda Civic project. It is an pre-assembled ecu. As I received it I have no diagram of any wiring for the ecu. I know my wiring for the car.
Only information I can find in 3 days of searching is assembly videos/ info, but not for a pre-assembled. It may be my fault. I may have lost a info sheet, or may not have been put in the box.
48 pin plug
Can someone please help me with this? Begining to get frustrated.
I think @turboedge is the author of the Titan. Could be wrong. :)

where did you buy it?
Ok, that's @turboedge on here

The idea of the '@' in front of the username may prompt the user to receive an email from the forum. :)
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