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Hey I have a ua4c I just wired up to my ka24de in an s13. I'm using the diyautotune trigger wheel in the distributor (24-2).

I see a tooth pattern in the composite logger in ts. But I just want to see if anybody has any input on the trigger settings I need to get it working properly. I currently have the injectors and ignition(cop) wired sequentially in firing order. My guess is I need to use the settings that megasquirt recommends but as the speeduino isn't exactly the same thing I just want to be sure.

Also if anybody knows what ignition settings I need to use to properly fire the Honda k24 coil packs I'm using.

Thanks for any and all help.
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You will find that some settings from MegaSquirt can "translate" to Speeduino, and others not. Between the pop-up notes in TunerStudio and reading the Wiki, all of them should be clear on how to determine setting for your combination.

For example, an MS setting of Going High (inverted), meaning the inversion of high = low. Speeduino ignition outputs are typically non-inverting, so this would simply translate to Going Low to fire the coil in Speeduino. This is less confusing, as it describes the actual output condition to drive the coil driver in order to fire the coil.

Speeduino allows cam-speed triggers, and sequential operation with distributor missing-tooth wheels, such as Missing-Tooth (Cam) decoder.

Speeduino is definitely not MS, so if you have other concept questions, read-up, and if still confused feel free to post them.
Thank you for that information. I got the car to where it will fire on a few cylinders and it sounded like it wanted to start. Then the battery died while trying to get offset angle synced to crank pulley timing marks.

We hooked up a battery charger and with the engine spinning fast I lost crank signal. We took the charger off and when the engine started turning over slowly the crank signal came back and it started firing the coils again.

I've never seen that before and I thought something broke. But I'm guessing it's some sort of a voltage issue or maybe a setting in ts I have wrong. So I guess I'm gonna have to get that sorted before I move forward with this thing.
That's what I was thinking. But I've never had a charger make a car lose crank signal before. Which is what was leading me to a voltage/ground issue. But I'll chuck a new battery in there and see if that changes things.
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