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By jonbill
Dual vvt is already supported in the software. The first vvt output at least will be marked up on your ua4c.
For the 2nd, I think the idea is to take over one of the other medium power outputs like fan control. (I.e. you configure fan to be some other unused pin, and then configure vvt2 to be the original fan pin, then you can wire it up through the boards connector.)
I've not done vvt myself, so just regurgitating what I've read.
then you have to tune it :?
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Mutly wrote: Tue Feb 28, 2023 3:47 pm The crankshaft position sensor is Hall effect...
I would test the sensor to verify if you have not already. A lookup of USDM shows a 3-pin VR sensor with shield, but not all listings are accurate.
By Mutly
PSIG, What I am doing, to get all the info I need, is to check my Porsche parts suppliers data...these are the people I bought all the engine parts from for my reliable...their part number says Hall effect on their parts drawing.
By runesm
Mutly wrote: Wed Mar 01, 2023 12:02 pm Just rechecked & it is a 3 pin HALL effect sensor.

Just to make sure. VR sensors can be 3pin as well so dont go by that criteria alone.
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