Any questions you have before you begin buying, building and installing.
By Mutly
Thanks a bundle...I,ll ;ook into that & place an order...just been looking at your youtube channel...interesting...where are you based & can I contact for info.
By Mutly
Do you mean the Sea Fox...where are you based....checked your youtube channel, interesting.
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Our answers could be much simpler and more accurate if you posted those lists. ;) Did you order a signal conditioner module with it?
By Mutly
Sorry mate I don,t know what that you know I,m running a Porsche Boxster 2.5 flat 6 engine...the only concerns I have is making the 2 vvt solenoids opperate seperately...the engine is 1998 so it is very basic for a porsche.
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By jonbill
You need to find out whether the crank sensor is: VR or hall (or?) VR needs a signal conditioner module.
By Mutly
Understood...I,ll I need to make any modifications to the main board to run a 6 cyl.ign. & a link to a spare for the othe 2 cyl,s.
By Mutly
The crankshaft position sensor is Hall effect...what mods do I have to do to allow the ecu to run the 2 vvt solenoids.
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