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By jake561
Just having a little confusion with my trigger angle and maybe somebody can confirm my angle.

I am running a missing tooth crank setup 36-1 with the fifth tooth under the sensor at TDC so the way I am understanding it this would make my trigger angle 310 deg.

Is this correct? I will confirm with timing light just want to be in the ball park.
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By jonbill
Sounds about right. Do you have sequential ignition my Could also be -50 if 310 doesn't work.
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I'm not sure I follow. TDC is only a starting position, and has no other meaning once the crank is set there. From that position, how many degrees does the crank turn, in normal direction of rotation, until the first tooth after the gap is under the sensor? That's your Trigger Angle (TA).

So, if you mean the crank rotated exactly 50° (5 teeth) to get tooth #1 under the sensor, that's TA 50. If you rotated 31 teeth, that's TA 310.

If you are sequential with a cycle ("cam") signal, you can shift the #1 cylinder stroke by 360° if necessary, by subtracting 360, so 310 - 360 = -50. Same TDC, different stroke. 8-)

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