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By Alex K
Trying to figure out which version is optimal for my needs. I spent the whole day searching for a changelog between 0.4.3c and 0.4.3d. I swear i`ve seen the hardware changes described somewhere but unable to find it now. Just sitting and questioning my googling skills now :cry:

Question number two: is there any way to "convert" smd to tht? Looks like 0.4.4c has some benefits but smd is no option for me.

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By Alex K
Kinda answering part of my question.
It is funny that google did not show up any of these so i just surfed through the links and official pages for a while.

"TO220 cases now lay flat on the board, power circuit is improved, molex connector has been removed, ULN2003 is added for low current outputs and proto area is removed due to space constraints"
"As promised, here's the first of a few new pieces of hardware! The v0.4 line of boards has been a staple of Speeduino hardware for a while now with the main version recently being the surface mount v0.4.4.
Whilst not quite as mainstream, the through-hole v0.4.3 has remained extremely popular with the DIY crowd, but has lagged behind in features for a little while.
That all changes now with the release of the new v0.4.3d! This brings the through-hole version up to very near feature parity with its SMT brother, which was quite a challenge given the larger component sizes in the THT world. Unlike the previous version that required a number of added circuits for some common functions, the new design has everything needed for tacho, fuel pump, fan relay, boost control, flex sensor, clutch, VSS etc all ready to go!"

Looks like for now there is no need in SMD varian to be messed around.
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