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Welcome. Speeduino does not require controlling anything. Use the functions you want, and ignore the ones you don't. Most, but not all sensors are required for each primary function. Specific sensors and inputs depend on what mode it operates in. Reading the Wiki or forum posts on similar bikes or fuel-only is suggested.

Controlling both provides most efficient performance. You can control just fuel or just ignition for now, but for best operation, most will want to eventually control both so they may be tuned to work as a team.
You can run fuel only, however you might want to look into setting up your system in a way where you can easily add ignition later(eg starting off with a high resolution trigger wheel and breaking out the necessary IO).

Most bike ignitions are either fixed timing, or are only considering the RPM axis for timing - as they don't have a load source such as MAP or TPS. If you have one of these ignitions you can squeeze out a little more efficiency and mid throttle torque with speeduino controlling the ignition.
TBI injector resistors

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