Any questions you have before you begin buying, building and installing.
My Bike has a 1,2,4,3 Firing order. A single hall effect sensor that picks up CYL 1 TDC on the crank, No cam sensor, Waste Spark coils, , and 4 carburetors, and a 10,500 RPM Redline.
I understand I need to add a cam sensor to get the best performance out of the new system with sequential setup on the fuel injectors. And run a wideband.
The bike I know still wont keep up with newer 600cc bikes but I want reliability throughout elevation changes.
I new to the tuning world so I'm lost on setting up tunes.
How many pickups do I need on the cam for a hall effect sensor to pick up?
Do I need a sensor for both Intake and Exhaust cam to work properly?
Is the CYL 1 TDC pickup enough for the crank or do I need a tooth for TDC for all 4 cylinders?
I'm sure the program is easy to figure out but I wont be able to even start on this project till fall, but how easy is it to adjust the rev limiter and adjust Idle speed on the fly?
And lastly can you add a "Check Engine Light" with this system in case any set perimeters fall out of specs?
Car/ truck motors I understand no problem. For me everything on a car seems simpler. Bikes Everything is more compact less area to modify some parts and a lot tighter tolerances because they spin 10K+ RPM. Wiring is simpler. And there is no real aftermarket for older Bike engines like mine.
I imagine you will have a bit of modding or fabricating to do, mostly for trigger wheel and sensors, injectors and fuel system. That makes your current sensors effectively irrelevant, as Speeduino sorts what it does by knowing the crank angle, not just the TDC of the two cylinder pairs. The crank is a 180° type, so two cylinders TDC at the same time, alternating these cylinder pairs every 180° crank degrees. That's why it has waste-spark ignition now, not sequential, and doesn't know what the engine is doing - only to spark when it's told. You need to tell it more if you want more.

Jump to the end of the long story - it will need a replacement trigger wheel to better know crankshaft position. This may need a new sensor for best results. For sequential (not needed, but OK), an additional cycle sensor will be required, somewhere in the cam/valve train area to send one signal every 4-stroke cycle (720 crank degrees). Not a big deal, but start researching methods to do this, plus fuel mods and more.

Adjustments are "easy" once you understand the controls. Error codes can be produced, and outputs may be set (lights, beeps, whatever) if that is important to you. Most riders can tell when something isn't working right, and looking at the data usually gives a good idea of what's up. So, diagnostics are typically easier than carbs... but you have to learn the systems and how to use them. It's a commitment, similar to when you learned about carbs. Start reading threads and the Wiki to get a handle on both the requirements and your personal perspective. ;) Welcome to the crazy train. :lol:
Thank you for the Info. I'm probably overthinking on the sequential injection. When i typed it out for some reason i was worried about fuel pooling on the intake valves at low rpm but thats irrelevant. Just my brain being dumb lol. I would be better off with bank fire i think?
If i'm understanding you correctly i need 1 pickup on one of the cams? Preferably Intake? With a hall effect sensor.
I'm halfway across the country right now so i cant go look at my bike but my crank sensor is a hall effect sensor i believe. So i would just need to manufacture a new tone wheel with 2? Tabs?
The whole fuel system is going to be easy. I have a 3d printer and a set of 08 R6 throttle bodys fully loaded. So im just going to make some adapters to connect the throttle bodys. If it works im going to sand cast them out of scrap aluminum. The throttle body spacing is really close to the old carbs.
+1 to @LPG2CV. Just get it going and the avalanche of understanding will hit you, so you'll know what to do next.
RyuFlynn wrote: Thu Feb 16, 2023 3:52 pmIf i'm understanding you correctly i need 1 pickup on one of the cams? Preferably Intake? With a hall effect sensor.
When you get that far,
  • Anywhere that can send one pulse every 720°.
  • Intake, exhaust, timing chain, rocker arm… whatever doesn't matter.
  • Hall is reasonable given the slow relative speed.
LPG2CV wrote: Thu Feb 16, 2023 5:10 pm See if you can fit either a 24-1, 30-1, or 36-1 on the crank. Then good to go :) Forget the cam until you can get it working on crank. Then if you add cam, you may not notice the difference. :D
You mean something like this? ... ger-wheel/
or ... or-ka24de/

I'll have to get in to my bike when I get back to measure how much room I have, but for compact space optical seems to be the smallest package I can get at 50mm
And it stays pretty clean in there so I don't think I'll have to worry about trash blocking up the sensor.
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