Any questions you have before you begin buying, building and installing.
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By Maarten-Jan
Hi, As I'm new here, I will briefly introduce myself. I'm Maarten-Jan from The Netherlands. I have been building and restoring cars for private use for a couple of years now. Currently I'm working on and driving in a Lancia Montecarlo. This car is more or less stock but an upgrade is coming. I have an Turbo engine ready which I will be placing in the car.

In search of an EFI for my other car (a Lancia 8.32 SW) I have looked and found lots of options which are never cheap or userfriendly. Recently I discouvered the Speeduino and now I'm contemplating putting the Turbo engine in the car with a Speeduino instead of the stock ECU's.

I will be asking questions and reading information here. Thanks in advance for any help!
By AlexE

I have a MX-5 disease, for almost 10 years :-) Owned NA1.6, now NC2.5. Im remapping NCs on RomDrop, but now I started interest also in older NA's and NB's.

Im new in Speeduino community, excited with possibility to do something new and interesting :-)

kind regards
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