Any questions you have before you begin buying, building and installing.
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By Jonikopsuka
[/quote]As to your other questions, most of them are "yes", but involved, and you are risking "project bloat". What should be a weekend to a week job to EFI your engine, can easily turn into weeks or months for things are are not immediately or ever necessary.
This is also going to take a longer time than a weekend since I only own a stick welder and I don’t fancy trying to botch making a decent intake with that. At most I’d mock it up in my workshop and pay a buddy of mine to weld it up for me as he’s got all the fancy TIG machines and such.
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Jonikopsuka wrote: Sun Feb 26, 2023 1:20 pm … maybe do something like low oil pressure for 1 minute = engine shutoff just as a failsafe.
That's easy. But, it's not required to get it running on fuel-only or fuel and spark. Only suggestions, but keep it as simple as possible at first. The reason is context. Once running and tuned, you will know things you can't know now, but more importantly you will be thinking differently as well. ;) Have fun!

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