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By B-rice
I am new to tuning in general. The engine I will be controlling will be a VG33E. The cam sensor is located in the distributor like many others. The stock decoder wheel has the 360 out side slits and the six inner slits with one being larger and the others the same. From what I under stand this CAS wheel is not supported. I was wanting to know how hard it would be to get that timing wheel working. Or should i go with an after market wheel?

Thanks for anyone's time with this :)
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By jonbill
I believe that pattern is 'partially' supported, I don't know what it would take to finish it. I think people generally switch to the AEM 24 tooth disc.
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By jonbill
yes thats what I was thinking. do check that its compatible with your dizzy. yes, I believe you should be able to get the crank and cam signals you need from it.
By B-rice
Thanks for your help. Once I get everything in I am going to start a project on here and I'm sure I'll need all the help i can get. :D
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