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I have 8 ls style smart coils to be wired wasted spark on 4 channels I assume and 4 injectors mounted in the throttle body to be fired simultaneously. In tuner studio for engine constants how should the injector layout be configured for my blown sbc 408 with 8lbs? Also how many squirts per cycle? Thanks and cheers
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+1, paired. Roots blower? 1-squirt will certainly run the engine, and quite well. For best (even) fuel distribution I would begin with 2 squirts per-cycle. The blower does a good job of being a blender ;), so more squirts should not be necessary, but you can test for actual results of more squirts/cycle once up and running well on 1 or 2.

If it wasn't roots-blown (CSC or turbo with TB hat, etc), I'd say to wire injectors singly on 4 channels and 2 squirts (8 separate injections) for obvious reasons. Have fun! 8-)

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