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Any questions you have before you begin buying, building and installing.
I want to have a standalone ecu in my project car. But i am not sure if i can use speeduino, couldnt find an answer here. Im in the middle of swapping a M62b44 engine into my e46. If i can use a speeduino, what would i need to get?
These BMW engines are not build by idiots. If you do not know basics about ECU systems, how can you expect to get a better result out of this high performance engine, than a team of 200 educated and experienced BMW engineers that spent about 5 years in labs, on test stands and in completely monitored, real cars, running a million kilometres in them, down from Death Valley up to the polar circle?
Doesn't that idea seem somehow ridiculous to you? If not, consult a doctor, please!

These engines are worth nothing without their software and ECU system plus some anti theft devices, fuel system etc.
You will have enough trouble installing the stock engine and all necessary components in your E46 and get it running outside of the car it left the factory in.

Good luck!
I run a UA4C on M62 with M60 head engine in a road race car. The stock dme was severely holding back power, even after flashing chips for it, it was never right. With the speeduino, before pulling the power down to fit into a hp/weight class, the car put down 319whp and 325tq.
I would prefer to run it with full sequential injection since that is how it was stock, and I am still using the stock harness. But Semi sequential has been working fine. I will be upgrading to a sequential board when someone comes out with a good SMD 8x8 , or if the dropbear fits into the stock DME case. IMO the UA4C is the best board currently available.
Note: I am running a non Vanos M62 , not the M62TU, so I don't know how well the vanos will function.
It depends what you want from your car and engine, as well as from your knowledge, skills and budget. These BMW engines are made to last very long, if run with the right engine oil, frequent oil change and some maintenance. They are highly refined, economic (as far as a V8 goes) and can put out maximum power for hours without even missing a beat in any climate. If anything develops problems, the on board diagnostic will most probably warn you. You give up most of that when removing the ECU.
If you want a programmable ECU, Bosch is usually the worst to use. Some modifications can be integrated and tuned by specialists, even with turbos, but for performance as you expect in a race car, the Stock Bosch has to go. It is simply to complicated to be set up in an aftermarket fashion.
So you got to choose: Have a perfect engine or maybe find some horsepower, but throw away all the BMW perfection.
The M62 is not the most athletic race engine. It's strongest version uses 5 litres to develop moderate 400 HP.
BMW even stuffed it into the Range Rover. If you search for power, you probably will throw away a lot of parts that are not made for higher rpm. The tolerance for tuning seems to decrease with every new engine generation. In the end you may come to my conclusion: A fine engine, but no race horse. Best used stock or very slightly modified.
kornelius??vestad wrote:
Tue May 04, 2021 7:36 pm
I want to have a standalone ecu in my project car. But i am not sure if i can use speeduino, couldnt find an answer here. Im in the middle of swapping a M62b44 engine into my e46. If i can use a speeduino, what would i need to get?
To get it running in batch/wasted spark, basic v0.3/0.4 speeduino is fine. And it's all just basic stuff. If you want to run sequential, you need 8x8 board like upcoming dropbear. There is also few unofficial 8x8 designs available currently. To run sequential you also need to modify cam trigger wheel to have only single teeth, because the "Bosch Quick-Start" cam decoder isn't on speeduino FW. https://github.com/noisymime/speeduino/issues/327

Dual VVT support will be in next FW release, so you will be able to run the vanos. But it requires same cam trigger modification for both intake cams.

Then there is a problem that e46 has CAN bus instrument cluster. For that I have made code that runs on bluepill. It reads data from speeduino serial3 and outputs it to CAN bus for the BMW instrument cluster: https://github.com/pazi88/Speeduino-M5x ... l3toBMWcan

I have also implemented that to Speeduino FW in case of dropbear or other Teensy/STM32 based board is used. But I have some weird issues in it currently, so haven't made PR yet. But the bluepill add-on version works 100%. I use it in my daily driver.
Since the M62 isn't a high RPM capable engine, I would personally just run it in wasted spark/batch fire, and never even bother with the cam input. I made a turbo kit for an E39 540i, and after struggling with WinOLS for 6 months to get the DME to stop trying to blow up the engine (randomly pulling fuel and adding timing advance in boost), I gave up and built an MS3X for it.

The car is a beast after that, and actually runs better overall when it isn't run in full sequential. The term used for the non-full-sequential mode that works best overall escapes me right now since I sold the car to another guy over two years ago now. But he is still ripping on that car daily, and it still runs great.

Bottom line, if I was going to build another M62 project, it would be setup with wasted spark and batch fire, 60-2. Simple and good.
there is some really interesting projects going on.
I found a 8 x 8 (8 injector 8 ignition) board made by OPF racing, I don't think it is completed yet but it look great.
Also now that you can run Speeduino with teensy you won't be stuck with 8 bit processor anymore.

Also BMW old back a TON of power from their engine, and the best thing you can do is get rid of their ecu (you will lost the theft system tho but just put an aftermarket one) and drop an aftermarket ecu without restriction.
My last rebuilt was a M62B44, but I messed up the paint on the car so I traded it for a 750il with a M73 (V12). and that beast DOES old back a ton, can't wait to get the speeduino running.
8bit processor is not a limitation...

The Mega 2560 is plenty fast enough.

The reason for the move to Teensy is nothing to do with performance.

It's all to do with hardware IO capability

The 2560 is limited to 9 timed outputs. So you are limited to 9 injector or ignition outputs.

Please don't get distracted by how fast the processor is. It's completely irrelevant for Speeduino as the code actually uses the hardware IO and doesn't do it in software.

You can watch a joke video Josh made of the Teensy 4.1 running Speeduino code on YouTube. Just to get an idea how faster processor is meaningless.
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