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Any questions you have before you begin buying, building and installing.
By Colebardin
I am looking into getting a Speeduino PNP ECU for my '97 Miata. I wanted to talk with people who have installed one on their '96/'97 Miata or any NA Miata. I was looking into the SpeedyEFI PNP for the '96/'97 Miata. The first few discussion posts that I have seen about them have been related to issues. So I wanted to hear about people's overall personal experiences with them and specifically their reliability/functionality since I want to have a daily driver. Helpful information is greatly appreciated
By pani
I daily one since December. Previous owner did not remove the fuse when installing and the fuel pump driver was killed. When I bought it i changed the IC and everything was fine. No issues whatsoever. As theonewithin said 99% of the time problems are due to user error.
By SpartanSv
Most of the discussions about it are going to be people having issues because people don't start threads about how perfectly their ecu has been working.

I've been running a megasquirt 3X I assembled on my 97 miata for years. It's been great. ~20k miles

I've been running a speeduino I assembled on a 98 F150 for nearly 2 years. It's been just as reliable. Also around 20k miles.

As was mentioned, most issues are caused by people not knowing what they're doing. Do your research and you'll be fine.
By Adam_86
I got a UA4C on my 97 miata, works great the only thing you got to do is install a flyback diode on the IAC for it to work well and set it a 386hz= no buzzing and works well. I did a breakout board to make it plug and play.
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In a general sense, the reliability of things like aftermarket ECMs is based on many factors, with most of them centering on user decisions. The better your decisions on everything from wiring and placement to soldering skills and the condition of your charging system will affect reliability.

From the position of failure rate due to design and components; keep in-mind that these are not constructed from automotive-grade parts. That said, most designs are well-proven and failures from components appear here rarely, and we are back to issues created or increased by the user (including component parts choices) as the primary influence on failures. This would indicate for one example, to stay away from inexpensive imported components of questionable source or quality.

If you have concern, these things are cheap, so throw an extra in your boot if that makes you feel better and sell it when you gain confidence in your skills. Otherwise and IMO, make good setup and application decisions and it should serve you well.
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