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Any questions you have before you begin buying, building and installing.
By Eddie78
As above really , I have the 0.4.3 board built up and working and started the install in the car 1.6 4age,

Engine is running R6 ITBs and VW coil pack, things are progressing.
TPS CLT all hooked up and correct data.
36-1 trigger wheel on crank with VR and I have a nice signal and timed up using the fixed timing etc... so the trigger angle is all correct and firing the coil pack (wasted spark) and even runs a bit when you some fuel down its throat so all good so far.

Now the questions is regarding the injection side. The injectors are high Z (11.2 ohms) Ideally I would like to run without a cam sensor, so is the only option to run the injectors paired? or can I run semi sequential with crank only trigger?

and in Tuner Studio I have the Trigger Settings as missing tooth but at the bottom of the settings it wants the secondary trigger settings which dont have. so is it case of I need to run a cam trigger and if so at what point before TDC on number 1 is the trigger needed.
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By NickZ
you don't need to worry about the secondary trigger setting for your configuration it wont effect anything. If anything is set to sequential THEN the secondary trigger is needed.
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Many engines require the distributor to be retained for secondary purposes; but even if yours doesn't, you can use a cut version to provide the cycle ("cam") signal such as Iv'e done here.
By Eddie78
I did have it running last night wired as pairs and much to my amazement she rans quite nice and idled nice and smooth better then when it had the dellortos on (was way over carbed before).

I would be happier with having a single injector per channel and run semi seq so will change that today, just wasnt sure if it run semi without the cam trigger but thanks for clearing that up.

Goal for the weekend was to get it so It would fire and run then I can finalise all the wirring and plumbing then lots of tuning.
By theonewithin
Semi-sequential first 2 outputs at once so it works the same as paired.

But as i mentioned if you add a cycle sensor at a later date for any reason, you won't have to rewire anything and would just change the options over and be away.
By Eddie78
Sounds like a better setup and like you say it leaves options open for future changes and I suppose it will be a bit more gentle on the drivers as its only one injector per channel
By Eddie78
The enggine is now running semi seq, Thanks to your help guys

So now I know the hardware is working as it should, time to make a proper engine harness up and finish up the plumbing. made the swirl pot today so that can be installed, then the task of tuning
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