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Global Vision TOYOTA 22RE Speeduino Project

PostPosted:Wed Oct 21, 2020 12:56 pm
by Nickvandeerpeers
Hi, I have a 1989 TOYOTA Hilux 22RE 2.4 L (2366cc) 4WD, EFI injection, (not california version , lambda sensor only pre catalytic converter) I've rebuilt it from new engine personally. I've Factory Service Manual with all detailed specs, I know the system very well, and the only thing i need to use speeduino is a crank position sensor, I've sow various solution as a circle teeth appliable on the main pulley of the main rod, on oem there is a sign to indicate the TDC advance settings. Other need sensor is the air temp intake sensor and barometric sensor (i think).
All other sensor are on the stock system, Mass Air Flow meter, tps on the throttle body, lambda sensor, coolant temp, oil temp, injector wire control.
My project is to convert to Coil on plug system, but i dont know from or how start it.
My interest in speeduino is for precision control of air fuel ratio and in future to swap the system adding a TURBO.
Another issue is how I can connect the OEM wire harness to Speeduino? There is plastic connector can help to do this.
Thank You for help.
What type of speeduino board I need? I think the last ?

Re: Global Vision TOYOTA 22RE Speeduino Project

PostPosted:Wed Oct 21, 2020 8:07 pm
by jonbill
I'd advise reading the wiki cover to cover

and start browsing through the interesting threads here in the forum. you'll learn about many different boards that might work for you.

IMO the 0.4.3 is best documented and is what I've used, but each has their own advantages.

Re: Global Vision TOYOTA 22RE Speeduino Project

PostPosted:Wed Oct 21, 2020 8:52 pm
by dazq
You can delete the maf d speedy doesn't need it.
You will need a crank trigger wheel and a cam position trigger too.

As was suggested , please read and re-read the wiki it will answer a lot of your worries.

Regards board choice it is very much a personal one but for a permanent install it is not recommended to use a screw terminal type like the 3x series.

To wire to the OEM harness, many get an old ECU ,and remove the socket to reuse, or gut the old case and install the speedy into the OEM case.

Re: Global Vision TOYOTA 22RE Speeduino Project

PostPosted:Sun Oct 25, 2020 12:02 am
by stum
I have had great success with one of these on my Toyota Camry. I would say your Hilux will be a simular/same

And I 3d printed a box for it once all together. works sweet.