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Hello. I want to make fuel injection conversion instead of carbs on Suzuki bandit 1200. I want to assembly board only for injection without ignition parts. I found v0.4.3 board excel parts. Is it the right part list?

P.S. I already assembled one board but with excel from PAZI88 github so thats why I am asking maybe a stupid question.
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Oh sorry it is 1996 Suzuki GSF1200 (detuned version of GSXR1100) i would like to go full speeduino with ignition also because ignition seems to be working as distributor. Also i need to design my trigger wheel and what would be best 12/24/32-1? My designed 24-1 have tooth gap roughly 3,5mm, tooth width 3mm and. With missing tooth the gap is almost 10mm this should be fine right? I add attachments of ignition coil if someone would be kind to help with powering those set ignition coils. What IGBT should i use? (first firing 1 and 4 the other one firing 2,3).
Ignition coil
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