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By RedShift
Hello all,
Planning my install and thinking about the TPS connection. Should these 3 wires be shielded? I'm planning to run Alpha-N, so a clean TPS signal is a must. I believe the trigger sensor wires should be shielded. Anything else?
Lastly, where does one buy shielded wire? I've purchased some in the past but wasn't satisfied with the quality.

Thanks everyone.
By dazq
Depends where you are in the world?

In the UK I have bought from these people before. They also sell many OEM connectors for a huge variety of different manufacturers. ... 66f4&_ss=r
By JHolland
I've never seen an ECU with shielded wires for the TPS. Properly designed analogue filtering will help to reduce noise, some of the Speediuno boards have woefully inadequate values.
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Shielding is a partial protection from noise that should not be there. Always try to locate the noise and eliminate it first, rather than spend time and money trying to block it. Do a search on finding noise.

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