Anything not specifically related to the Speeduino hardware. Eg sensors, bluetooth, displays etc
Has anyone yet had the courage to tackle a Speeduino transplant into a Camhead R1200R/RT/GS BMW motorcycle?
The R1200 uses VR sensors for crank and cam and a narrow band Oxygen sensor. Is it easier to buy sensors that are known to work with speeduino (is there a list?) and modify the bike to use these sensors or should I try to work with the stock sensors in a trial and error fashion?
The removal of the existing electronics will simplify the bike to allow systems control to be taken back by the user. Every system on the BMW motorcycle affects other systems via the ZFE unit which means, for example, an ABS fault can disable the cruise control and absolutely no customisation of the bike electrically is possible without major warnings and intervention occurring.
These bikes really badly need de-corporatising.
Don't rant, fix :D

Have you read the Wiki ?

If it's drive by wire, that may complicate things. Speedy does not natively support DBW. There is a 3rd party module though.

CLT temp may be an issue, however, BMW must have done something for this. Oil temp for an oil head perhaps!

CAN may be an issue, but if you re wire everything, then it won't :)

Check out the trigger pattern first, as this is usually the biggest hurdle.
Most sensors will work fine with speedy, only the ones generating a serial or other data streams cause issues.
I wouldn't bother with the narrow band O2 sensor especially for tuning. Get yourself a wide band sensor and controller, the sensor can be screwed directly into the original bung on the exhaust in most cases.
There have been some BMW projects here, but none as late as yours I don't think? Without substantial info, it may be difficult to see a clear conversion path on this one.

For example, the BMW system may be required for certain basic functions on the vehicle, and a "piggyback" of only injection and ignition be done so it can continue to provide those functions? Or, you may be willing to lose those functions or replace them, but that is both your determination and choice.

I would make a project list of specific minimum goals, then a couple options on plans to get there. If you are lacking info on plan options, post the goals and acceptable level of work or complexity to get there for ideas. This could be rather easy, or quite involved, depending on your goals and plan.
Sorry, I haven't related my intention clearly enough. When I used the subject +Speeduino - CANbus I meant I was planning on pulling out the ZFE unit, ECU, wiring loom, dash, motorised throttle/cruise system, gear shift indicator, tyre pressure monitoring, oil pressure sensing, radio & bluetooth system, electronic suspension adjustment system, oem security alarm, windscreen adjustment control and ABS.
If you had to live with this bike you'd understand why I am willing to start from scratch. The ABS was the first issue, likely an intermittent fault that caused the previous owner to offload the bike.
The price of BMW servicing and parts are aimed at those on executive level paypackets. It is necessary for me to remove as much of my dependance on BMW as I possibly can while keeping as much of the good parts of the bike as possible. I will mourn the loss of the cruise control - I thought it was a bit of a gimmick at first but realised its value on long trips. I purchased the bike to travel the 1600kms to visit my aging mum, commercial airline flights have resumed now so I have the time and work area to strip the bike and rebuild it. Starting with an ultra-reliable analogue wiring harness utilising Deutsch connectors and discrete user resettable circuit breakers. The only modern touch will be LED lamps. Some of you may like CANbus but given its proclivity to falling in a heap due to electrical noise or impedance matching issues I would posit that it is completely unnecessary on any motorcycle. I intend to apply the kiss method!
So the stock bike is air and oil cooled.... No radiator, thermo fan or water temp to worry about. The crank sensor is mounted inside/underneath the Alternator drive pulley on the front of the crank and I believe it is a variable reluctance sensor. The pulley has a cut out that makes and breaks the magnetic circuit. I believe that the cam sensor (easily accessible) is also a 2 wire VR sensor. I haven't found much out about the injectors but I figure that if they don't work with Speedy then it will be a relatively simple process to adapt something Speedy will work with. These bikes engines/gearbox/shaft-drive with suspension are a very nice bike to ride but BMW has created support systems that are going to seriously inhibit any longevity these bikes may have enjoyed. The 2001 models onward will not be sought after like the old Airheads unless someone finds a way to remove the corporate limitations placed on the vehicle by the ZFE unit, or CANbus Nazi as I like to call it ;)
OK, so stripping (not replacing) all CAN functions from the bike, yes? So that means basic control of engine functions, minimally. Give us some ideas of what your path would be to replace other functions (tach, speedo, ABS, cruise, etc) that used to be CAN-controlled? Are you planning to re-fit the bike with analog stuff (gauges, modules, etc), or delete these functions, or use standalone input on OEM hardware, or … ? Just trying to capture your vision - sorry if I'm missing it.
Yes absolutely... All CANbus has to go.
I have never had ABS before this bike so, while it is good to have, BMW don't provide a service pathway for hydraulic faults in this unit which means the faulty pressure sensor it recently presented can only be fixed by spending AU$3030 for a new ABS unit. Bye bye ABS! As such the brake lines will be connected directly from master cylinder to callipers.
Speedometer will be GPS HUD app on phone but likely a standalone hall effect speedo added to the dash to maintain a "roadworthy look".
The tacho can be a standalone tacho known to work with Speedy (analogue or digital readout is acceptable). I would like to replace the cruise control but don't know if it is a possibility with Speedy.
Basically all CAN systems are to be replaced with aftermarket good quality gear that is easily replaced down the track and doesn't chat on any network. I have no beef with digital electronics as such, just ridiculous, unnecessary implementations of digital communications technology which shackles the end-user to overpriced corporate-run dealerships.
I think my next plan of attack will be to purchase an oscilloscope (much cheaper now than the the 1980's when I was fixing televisions) and then I'll post a picture of the waveform out of the crank and cam sensors while the bike is still running. (Pre wiring loom removal). Are there any other things I should check up on or things that are "nice to know"?
Perhaps I should leave everything in situ for the first while and get it working before I begin stripping bits out?
1st check out crank and timing wheels.
Not sure about the sequential issue but at the megasquirt forum there is "R100RT" which runs a BMW turbo.
To his bike it works better.
He is also active on this forum as "K75turbo"

For normal road use there is not much extra gain to run it sequential, unless your a good tuner.

When wireing from square 1, also check those electronic fuses like for instance motogadget
To reiterate :)

Check you have an acceptable Crank trigger pattern first. Projects live or die with this. I suspect, its a cup with two slots in, and two VR sensors.
Speedy likes one sensor, and more slots 36-1, 30-1, 24-1, 18-1,12-1. The total number of teeth needs to divide into 360 with no remainder.
You do not need a cam sensor to run. Cam is for sequential. Sequential may provide a better idle depending on injectors.
You may want to wire for sequential, but not use it. Easier than adding it later :)

Coolant temperature (CLT). The term is misleading, and really refers to engine temperature.
Its required to know CLT, for Speedy to know how much Warm Up Enrichment (WUE) to provide. You will have difficulty keeping a cold engine running, with out it.

If you have little electrical motors on the TBs, and cruise control, then you have Drive By Wire (DBW). Speedy does not natively support DBW. You will need either to convert the TBs to cable, or use a 3rd party DBW module. There is one (possibly more), that has been developed on this forum.

You will need to investigate the Throttle Position Sensor (TPS). Ideally, it has a single track from open to closed.

You mentioned interferance with CAN-bus. Just a heads up, that if you have interferance from the engine causing issues with CAN, then that same inteferance will likely cause issues with Speedy.

Read the Wiki. Then read it again. Then again, until you understand what pertains to you requirements. :)

Watching with interest :D
There is currently an oil temp sensor, is this the CLT you mention?
Ok, reading wiki for 3rd time :) and 4th and fifth if necessary. I see there has been another BMW bike engine converted by a user of this forum, possibly two. The question is what year these are as the first 1200 series began in the late 1990's and went on until 2019. If I can get some info on that then maybe my project won't be so completely without precedent.
I am happy to go back to cable operated throttle... this is the first time that any of my bikes has used fly-by-wire.
It is worth losing all these things to be out from under BMW's oppressive dealer-centric service yoke.
Either this can be done or there will be a heck of a lot of BMW 1200's becoming "too expensive to repair" over the next ten years, earlier with ABS issues on camheads and later. Especially as OEM parts get harder to come by.
As far as CANbus interference goes I was referencing faults described by others in forums. To my knowledge I have no problem on my motorcycle.
I am not time-limited on this project so will be throwing a lot of time at it. Many thanks for your assistance and patience.
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