Anything not specifically related to the Speeduino hardware. Eg sensors, bluetooth, displays etc
Has anyone (or is anyone aware of ) an OEM style Distributor rotor disc as used in the 87 to 93 Mustangs with higher resolution that Fords 8 point disk with the #1 cyl having a wider opening. Strikes me that it should be relatively easy to make one up with the correct equipment - which I do not have. Even a doubling to 16 points would provide increased timing accuracy.
I am not aware of one, but could be fairly inexpensive to create, cutting the existing "teeth" off and attaching a new "skirt" with the cuts desired. Hmm. I assume we do not see them, as a system that can use both signature tooth detection and higher tooth counts are not many, or any?

Else, a 16-1 or 24-1 would run sequentially on Missing Tooth (Cam) decoder, rather than a signature-detection code, as an existing and proven option. You would be creating a wheel form only to use the existing sensor.

I designed a 24-1 using similar concepts for the older Ford DuraSpark distributors along the same missing-tooth scheme. All earlier points distributors back to the 1950s are convertible, but not the newer TFI distributors. Consider that using a different plan or system such as this means you are then free to use whatever scheme or parts you like. Perhaps a slotted or bi-color disc with an optical sensor, or other scheme? 8-)

Likewise, if changing the triggering format, then later GT40 damper or similar with 36-1 and single-pulse distributor stub may be a bolt-on option and easier than fabbing. I think it would depend on what the goals are, and resources to get there. Keep us updated!


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