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By AlexE

Im trying to use Hitachi PS63-02 MAP sensor for Speeduino as this sensor as it is already installed in car (MX5 mx5 nbfl). Spent some time on google and cannot find its specs. Can you please help?
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The output of MAP sensors is linear. So if no joy finding reference, measure the VO (signal volts out) at two known pressures (e.g. 100 and 20 kPa) and draw a graph line to get the 0V and 5V values for calibration.
By AlexE
thats a good idea indeed :), there is:

- Below 400 m {0.25 mile} above sea level 4.1-4.3V

- With pressure gauge: Vacuum reading -26.6 kPa {-200 mmHg, -7.85 inHg} 3.0-3.4V

so it seems to be something like MPXn115. Enough for N/A application but not for F/I

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Using 4.2 and 3.2V as sea level and 26.6 (73.4 MAP), this gets it close, and certainly usable at these values. Keep in-mind it must be repeatable, and must cover the usable pressure range, but does not have to be accurate in order to run well.

If the pressure reads 50 but is actually 60, and always reads 50 at 60, that's OK as it is tuned to run correctly at that indicated and actual pressure. ;) I would test the sensor from 20 to 100+kPa in order to verify coverage of usable range.

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