Anything not specifically related to the Speeduino hardware. Eg sensors, bluetooth, displays etc
By kgschlosser
I am working on a controller for Electric Water Pumps and also variable speed radiator fans. Currently I am working with the DaviesCraig EWP150 and I am wanting to also make it work with the BMW pumps, specifically the BLDC ones. The controller is able to support up to 24 amps of continuous current draw from a pump. The pump outputs can also be used to power the 12V PWM the BMW BLDC pumps. The variable speed fan output is a PWM output at 5V. It can be used with this fan driver/controller. ... B08Q3T9ZFS

This controller supports up to 60amps of draw and it needs to be mounted directly behind the radiator fan to keep it cool.

The controller I am making allows for real time changes made to the fan speed and also the pump speed. User adjustable settings for

fan turn on
target coolant temp
engine warmup duration
engine cool down target temp
engine cool down duration
and many others.

It has support for 2 temperature sensors which makes it a great thing for turbo applications where the temperature of the turbo is wanted. The second sensor can be turned on and off.

I am using a 3.5" touchscreen display with an ESP32 MCU as the processor. The LVGL Graphics library is used for the GUI.

I designed the PCB so the motor driver is able to be changed out if a higher amperage driver is needed to drive the pump. There is a couple of soldered wires that connect the high current connections and then the driver simply unplugs from the main PCB.

If using the controller to directly drive a pump the controller will display the current draw of the pump. It also displays the output voltage of the pump driver as well.

I am looking for information on whether or not something like this would be able to be connected to the speeduino. Or if it would need to be in order to let the speeduino know there is an external controller attached that is controlling the coolant temperature. I know that on my vehicle I am going to have to use a pull up resistor on the PWM output from the ECM for the fan controller so the ECM thinks the controller is attached otherwise it will set the CEL. Is there anything that needs to be done or anything I would have to worry about with the speeduino?
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Welcome! Lots of work in that. 8-) Speeduino doesn't care if you do or don't use Fan options. It just reads coolant temperature and uses it for other operations. Turn Fan off if not using it. Add Aux-in channels if wanting to log your controller's data in Speeduino.

On the other hand, Speeduino can integrate this type of control as needed. My first question is how it controls pump or fan speeds relative to target temperatures. This was the largest hurdle in a recent stand-alone control project we did, and varies for different systems. A simplified target deviation scheme (DC% vs CLT error) was found to work better for most things we tried. How does your work? Is this closed-source?

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