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Greetings everyone,

So yesterday I decided to feed the fuel level sensing to my Speeduino UA4C since I will be doing a full digital dash using an Android headunit....The UA4C has two spare inputs (A8 and A9, correct me if I am wrong) and I am already using A8 for oil pressure which works just fine.

I ran a wire from my 20-120ohm fuel level sensor to the Speeduino and then I used an external 470ohm pull-up, from there I ran the sensor wire to the A9 input, before I did all of that I measured with a multimeter while moving the sensor and I was getting between 1 Volt when empty and 0.20 Volts when full.

I then jumpled to the External aux inputs from Accesories, used Aux_input0 Fuel Level>>Analog Local>>Pin>>A9; after this I went to add a custom gauge, did all the required, used the "Fuel Level" as the output channel and set the values however after all of that the needle was not moving at all, I did video call a friend which did the same thing, same board, same car, same pull up and his worked just fine.

Any ideas as to why this wasn't working as expected? I did measure the output voltage and it was changing while moving the sensor so I guess that was fine.

Anything is appreciated, thanks.
I would test the analog input for response, and/or test the incoming signal on another input pin. Perhaps A9 was spiked? Have your friend share his settings to duplicate exactly.

You don't need a correct response, just any response for testing the circuit, input and signal processing that it's alive. Or, set an HC output to activate (LED on) >0.2V and <1.0V as a live indicator of valid input. Lots of ways to come at this for initial diagnostics. Good luck!
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