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By MadScientistDad
Hello again all,

I was wondering if anyone has used a Holley Dual Sync distributor with the Speedy. It says it uses two hall effect sensors for cam and crank. I am wanting to use one to try and get better starting and smoother idle, plus, I hope to switch over to CNP in the future so I thought the Dual sync might be the easiest was to do all of this.

This is the one I am looking at: ... /565-202BK
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From the datasheets, that appears to simply be a modified non-signature 8-tooth Ford shutter-wheel distributor, with added cam sensor. Both sensors are Hall-type, and should wire right-in as Hall with pullup jumpers. Easy. They even give you OEM-equivalent setup directions with the aid of built-in LEDs. Goes to show the market demand for non-signature full-sequential by the public.

Your future conversion to CNG is a specific goal that alters usual advice, in that this distributor should not noticeably improve a properly-tuned start and idle, as Speeduino covers most of the sequential improvements in quasi mode. But whereas multi-squirt timed injection is generally equivalent to sequential for use with liquid fuels, that may not be best-path with CNG injectors. Perhaps not necessary with testing data, but making full-sequential available if it is.

That said, you can do the same thing with your stock distributor by adding your own cam sensor. Not saying you should, as I do not know your fabrication skills, budget, time or desire, but you could. Even the set-up LEDs could be added. Optionally you could also increase the tooth-count for better resolution :) and skip the second sensor to get full-sequential. :D Lots of options, but I would consider it as a stand-alone mini-project of its own, and your judgment call for considering that path. Do your thing and have fun! 8-)
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