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By MadScientistDad
Hello all,

I know there is a ton of info about using Ford TFI with Speeduino but my question is about connecting it to Dropbear. I read that the Crank input with the hall effect jumpers set is 12v tolerant. Does that mean I can connect the PIP signal directly to the Dropbear or will I still need to lower the voltage somehow? This is going on a 94 Mustang with a 5.0 in it.
By theonewithin
If the output signal pulls to ground you can use just a diode on the input to block the 12v and enable pull up jumper.

Job done.
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I presume it is for simplest plug 'n play conversion wiring. If rewiring to use the ECM to fire the coil, then also the entire TIF module can be deleted, running the distributor pickup signal directly to the ECM input. But, that means adding a different coil driver or smart coil, so you're not gaining much there.

The other possible advantages to this are the wider range of coil choices, simpler cycle sensor integration, and a wider range of timing control. TIF limits to the base timing minimum (typically 10°). More retard is mostly useful to high-retard anti-lag, bang-bangs, and soft rev-limiting, all of which can be damaging and only used as careful last-resort if the benefits are judged to be worth the various risks. ;) Sticking with TIF would likely be the best choice for most users, I'd think.
By MadScientistDad
I appreciate the input. Currently, the TFI is my go to. It does seem the like the simplest way to convert. I will eventually add the required components to go COP but right now, with a tank of gas costing the soul of my first born child, I just can't afford to make the upgrade. Since I didn't hear otherwise, can I assume my little diagram was correct? Install a diode (I was thinking IN4004) with the cathode facing the distributor? I have a whole box of different diodes so if there is a better option, I would love to hear it.

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Found in several threads here, this older diagram has worked for a number of TFI conversions:

By MadScientistDad
Perfect!! thanks PSIG. I have seen that diagram and the "experimental" water mark had always just made me a little nervous. thanks for the help buddy.
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Yeah, somebody here was a bit lazy about that draft diagram. :lol: Unfortunately, although I've done TFI setups before, I didn't have one on-hand to do field-test confirmations when I made that outline for Speeduino. It was all from memory and conversion to Speeduino terms. I was waiting for the inevitable minor correction or simplification feedbacks for a final version that never came, but it appears to have been sufficient for others that have used it real-world. Typically, when things go well, people go quiet as they move-on. If you'll provide the feedback to each part of it, we can finalize and remove that watermark. 8-)

For example, expanding the short note of setting base distributor timing (e.g., 10°), with a simple procedure for setting Trigger Angle to get controlled timing accuracy. The issue is if setting TA at 10°, you may be reading auto-triggering by the module, instead of commanded timing from Speeduino. Not a big deal (set TA at 15° instead), but something the diagram outline should include with a simple and proven procedure for first-time success.

Future stuff: Once set-up and running well — I'd appreciate testing to confirm a shift to 0° base timing, with removal of the START power wire, allowing true 0+ timing. As it is, base timing is the minimum timing available, but the shift would allow reduced advance for those that wish to optionally use stuff like that. While this would defeat the self-triggered cranking-timing benefit :(, it would allow features such as Idle Spark Control to provide retarded timing for idle speed management. :) Topics and options for a different thread.
By MadScientistDad
Hey Psig,

I haven't forgotten about this. I am getting close to having the engine ready for it's first start attempt (this weekend hopefully). I will make sure and update this thread with my results(or lack there of lol).

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