Anything not specifically related to the Speeduino hardware. Eg sensors, bluetooth, displays etc
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By ZacharyCofer
Idk if you guys have checked out the new tc375 but it used the Arduino mega but here's some of the specs an u can use the Arduino ide an program it just like the mega
Very low cost AURIX™ TC375 board for professional and hobby use
Uses Arduino™ Due/Mega2560 form factor and IO connector pin allocation
ShieldBuddy AURIX™ TC375 with on-board TLF35584 power supply and safety monitor
Allows instant access for new and prospective AURIX™ users to hundreds of shields
On-board CAN transceiver
Supplied with basic drivers for DS-ADC, SAR, GTM, GPT, CCU6, ASC, LIN, SPI, QSPI, Ethernet
Direct USB debug interface
Development tools based on HighTec Free AURIX™ Toolchain and Arduino™ Processing IDE
USB or 9-12V power supply
By theonewithin
There is Teensy and STM32 if something over the Mega is required.

Mega boards won't be built to gain any benefit from a better featured MCU so you wouid have to build new boards to get the new features.
By JHolland
That tricore is one of the best engine management processors around. I have worked on a project with the TC275 but not the newer 375. If you are thinking about using it then you should check the licence details. The evaluation board for the 275 was provided with a one year software licence and the terms of the licence exclude it from being used in a commercial project or shared. Also Infineon are very reluctant to share datasheets, app notes or software examples, you need to take out an account and then apply to their automotive division to be promoted, that is not likely to happen if you are a private individual, you need to be working for an OEM.
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