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Anything not specifically related to the Speeduino hardware. Eg sensors, bluetooth, displays etc
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By Anarklla
First i want to thank everyone for the help we can get everyday from the speeduino team, it's a great community and such an awesome piece of technology that we can get our hand on thanks to this awesome team.

I can't seem to find any tutorial for setting up an oled or lcd display next to an arduino ECU.
I read a lot about this, but i can only find some guy who share the code for their project.
I'm confused about where to start what to buy and how to setup any display.
The easy way is a Bluetooth android tablet or Windows tablet, but a would like to setup a permanent oled display on my car.

If someone can link me tutorials that can help understand everything i need to, it would be very helpful!

I like the nextion display, its seems to be easier because it already have the controller and the communication is easy to setup between the arduino and the display

Thank you!
By dazq
There is no tutorial as it's not a simple plug it in and it works thing!
There are several threads on here of peoples work.
You must use a coprocessor of some kind to link to speedy to pull the data for the screen.
Even with a nextion you need a coprocessor.

Read the wiki about secondary serial as this explains all you need to use the serial3 port on speedy.
If you are using a teensy or stm32 based speedy you can also get the data via the canbus port. Again this is explained in the wiki.
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By Anarklla
Okay thank you, i think i will go with the netxion display, did not have not much time too look into what i'll need and how to do this, even with the wiki its still very confused in my mind, i need to dig into this even more

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