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Anything not specifically related to the Speeduino hardware. Eg sensors, bluetooth, displays etc
By Garageink
Hi guys, I'm not sure if this belongs .....
But here are two very nice links to the search of Bosch components.

First Link: ... autoLoad=0
For example, injectors or sensors. You can check the flow rate of the injectors. or Which car manufacturer has used this and how the manufacturer parts number is.
For example, the injector 0280158168 . With 76.8 g / min, type EV 14 compact, used by renault no. 82 00 025 248

The rest is self-explanatory. I admit that it is a bit expensive. But sometimes helpful in finding parts ;)

Second Link:
At Bosch Motorsport, you have to click through the products a bit. You will find there many data sheets for the components. So dimensions, sizes, shapes and sometimes pin assignments.
In combination with the first link you will find quite well alternative and cheaper parts ...

The links have helped me a lot already. I appreciate that a few of you can use that as well. :lol:
Does anyone know online databases or pdf catalog of other manufacturers, for example Nippon denso or magneti marelli ??
Please post ;)

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