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Hey Guy's,

I have just built a set of ECU's for different Mazda Models included:

Mazda MX5 NA 1,6 / 1,8
Mazda MX5 NB 1,6/1,8 including alternator circuit
Mazda 323 BG GT
Mazda 323 BG GTX turbo 4WD
Mazda 323 BG GT/R Turbo 4WD
Mazda 323 BJ (FS and FP engines) including alternator circuit
Mazda MX3 V6 (1991 /1993)
Mazda MX6 V6 (1993)
....... more to come :-)

and a Teensy 3.5 adapter Board including CAN Bus Driver and USB connector to directly replace Mega 2560

All Boards are based on Speeduino 0.44b and include a wideband control circuit supporting LSU 4.9 sond
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Hi Transi,

it looks interesting, I have a couple of questions regarding MX5 NB.

1. alternator control
- does it have adjustable voltage?
- does it have programmable "disable" (for instance disable below 600RPM)?
2. working VSS?
3. support for sequential ignition (COP) repurposing for instance EGR coil or purge solenoid wires
Hi Piotr,

well I'm using fixed alternator control using reference diode at 13,8V........ would be possible to be adjustable, but I don't trust potentiometers used under the conditions in a car ;-)

Lima charging light is supported using free programmable speeduino pin!

No disable fuction for alternator control

VSS is working, sequential injection is switchable via jumper wires, purge solenoid is supported, NO EGR stuff cause it's crap ;-)
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immobilizer is using incomming signal from external OEM immobilizer ecu and if signal is not given, Fuel Pump will switched off

VSS if you mean VREF it's VDDa on my boards, secured by a littlefuse which is self resetting after failure

IGN3 and 4 are switched using jumpers under the connector between paired injection and sequencial injection ;-)
It looks like my immobiliser is working properly without stock ECU (although it's flashing warning light). Not sure if it's just my model (2003) but it seems that there is no need for additional fuel cut.

What it will be nice though is to have a simple DIY immobiliser (hidden switch or RFC/NFC reader) since many people are deleting them because of the lost keys (myself included).

VSS - Vehicle Speed Sensor, it suppose to be in the center plug in the NB2 according to RusEFI Wiki (https://rusefi.com/docs/pinouts/hellen/hellen72/).

I can see Sequential Injection but I asked about Sequential Ignition. I'm running coils on plugs currently and I'm using EGR Coil wires (EGR is obviously deleted) that's why I asked.
Well so you are using an NB-FL :-) which has different signals.....

easyest way to use switch or rfc reader as immobilizer is to cut fuel pump line from ECU to relay and route it over another relay or directly over the new to implement "hidden switch" ;-)

what for would you use the vehicle speed sensor input?

As for the sequential ignition it does not realy make a difference if you use 4 independent ignition drivers or connect the COP's as wasted spark as it is been done with the original coil plugs except the coil type used in the NB-FL are the weakest I have ever seen.....
So you can drive two coils by one driver if you have igniter integrated in COPs

I'm mostly use Ignition coils from Honda CBR 1000 SC59 with an external ignition driver module at my mx5 and on 323 GTX's. They fit like a charm, look cool and are siutable up to 13.000 RPM ;-)
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