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By dazq
Just out of interest what are the dimensions of these two versions of boards? I am interested to see how much they would cost to have made?????
By dazq
Rev a is not too bad , I was a bit worried over the 103 but it goes through as £20gbp with allpcb, but the ReV b jumps up to 44gbp again from allpcb.
Both are on a DHL 8 day service

Also this is for 10 boards.

So overall not too bad :-)

Even on the revb I'm not sure I would put ignition drivers in the case... I would have suggested upping the injector outs to 8 Ch and low level ignition to 8ch and perhaps some extra ancillary outs??? The teensy will be able to use them all soon I'm sure, especially if a board supports it :-)
Good work ..
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By dvjcodec
Rev. A is OK to me, but when look for a enclusure and connectors, everything was expensive. Rev. B is almost same like A (except passive coils drivers and diagnostic led's), but fit into cheap enclosure, what is important to me.

Renders I make with Goole Sketchup. Use plugin EagleUp for Eagle and Sketchup.

Add 4 injectrors more and 4 ignitions (active) more sounds good. Have free place for it.
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By dvjcodec
Rev.B on Github with last PCB modyfications :
- few traces redesigned
- add I2C to external
- add vias for Teensy inside pads
- add UD+/UD- from Teensy to external

Rev. A PCB's in my home :)
IMG_20180323_183126.jpg (527.41 KiB) Viewed 2936 times
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