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By Damouk
Looking good, I was going to have a go at this when I had some free time, but looks like you got there first!

Just had a quick look over your schematic and didnt't see any low current outputs for fuel pump, coolant fan, or were you thinking the high current outputs would be used for this?

Yes, Speeduino does support tacho output usually driven from a low current output with a 12v pullup.

Is it worth adding support for bluetooth, launch control input and atmos pressure sensor?
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By dvjcodec
On the board 4 mosfet channels to use for it.

BT connector added. Havn't space for ULN but will find for 2 low current channels with IRLML0030TRPbF or leave as is.
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By dazq
Those of pins are fine , one thing I did notice, you should keep the spi clear and brought to the expansion connector.

You can choose pretty much what pins you like for things as it is easy to add a new board entry for this board later to the firmware :-)
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By dvjcodec
Is realy difficult to keep SPI wires clear, because too many elements on the board. I wonder to put SPI and USB on external DB9 or DB25 connector and solder wires to Teensy. Is a rev. A board and I hope to make another one after complete test rev. A. Ordered few sets of Molex 48pin connectors 366380002 (male and female) and enclosures. Will keep Teensy porting, but PCB will be larger.
I mooved out two big mosfets (HC3/HC4) and put 3 low current outs. Tacho out and clutch control on the board :mrgreen:
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By dvjcodec
PCB was send to manufacture and I start to design bigger PCB, with better heat dissipation. I was draw PCB outline from Bosch EDC15 ECU, make AMP 121-pin footprint and want to use original aluminium enclosure. Add 4 IGBT's for passive coils and wondering what else would be useful.
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