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By dazq
Looking great , but one thing...
You have used the one of the canbus pins hc2?
Either leave them clear to the expansion or ideally make provisions for the can transciever ( a very small circuit I'm sure you could squeeze in) . More people are asking about can now and the teensy has a lot of canbus support already in the current firmware :-)
By dazq
Re my last reply, but you still have pin 4 for can in use, but now for injector1!
By dazq
Cool looking good!
As you have the space would you consider either a header for the transceiver module or maybe put the parts on the board itself. I use these with the teensy as they are tested with the can library. :-)
https://m.ebay.com/itm/SN65HVD230-CAN-B ... nav=SEARCH
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