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Mr_Hypnotic wrote:
Wed Jun 19, 2019 2:51 pm
On SGU-ECU-1.0 there are 2 channels for O2 sensors. Does tuner studio and speeduino allow the use of two O2 senors? If so, would it adjust closed-loop fueling separately for each bank?
No, current firmware does not offer closed loop on the second O2 channel.
The channel can be seen and logged in TS.
This channel is available to any speedy version.
Good morning guys,

My board is up and running nicely in 4 cylinder full sequential. Now I would want to make use of all 8 injector and ignition channels. Did anyone change the firmware in this direction yet? To my understanding, this needs a good portion of modifications in the speeduino.ini and I didn't go through the complete .ino files yet.

best regards,
Bug report, incorrect voltage. As the screenshot below shows, TS shows a system voltage of 21V, but the actual voltage is 14. 1V, but I'm sorry that I didn't keep the screenshot of the actual voltage, so I can't show it
I don't know if this BUG is caused by the board or the firmware. Hope to get help
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