For discussion of Speeduino compatible boards designed / built by other members of the forum and for guidance around making such a board
By KiwiNeil
I've been building and testing this ecu over the last year, it is Teensy based using the same pin configuration as the Dropbear to make it 100% compatible with the Dropbear firmware configuration.

A few features of this board:
- It has on board hall + plug in VR conditioning with switchable filtering on 4 inputs, the standard trigger inputs and 2x digital inputs, for uses such as Vvt cam, Vss, and Wheelspeed sensors.
- As well as Can Bus it also has serial output to the ecu connector that can be switched between RS232 voltage level or 3.3v Logic level. As well as a isolated comms 5V supply.
- The high current digital outputs use individual Fets for higher current / better heat dissipation.
- Plenty of diagnostic information, 27 Leds on: Crank, Cam, DI1, DI2, FP, Tac, Inj, Ign, Txd, Psu.
- Full specifications are on the KiwiEFI.NZ website.

I have enough Tennsy3.5s and parts to build up 20 more ecus, if any speeduino community members would like one please PM me for availability/shipping/cost .

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Pretty cool! 8-) Will basic schematics and tech data be available for troubleshooting, diagnostics, and modification? Is testing Beta and QA complete on this design?
By KiwiNeil
I tried to add a few extra features as mentioned above rather than just copy all the other designs. Features I am sure others will take into their designs.
I’ve been building engine management ecus since 1990 (approx 330 in total), totally my own hardware and software designs. In 2020 while watching YouTube during the lockdown I discovered Speeduino which also has introduced me to the open source community, which I am now committed to contribute to.
My plans at the moment are to sell the first batch of 20 then make the design completely open source on GitHub/Neil427 where I already have two projects published and Intend to add many more interesting projects to help community members in the future.
This ecu has been developed and tested over the last year and been through the V1.1 alpha version, and the V1.2 beta version, I am pleased with the testing results and now happy to produce the first batch of the final production design.(basically the same as the beta version)..
I have produced a documentation package to go with the ecu to assist the installer, but It goes without saying that I am available for email help from anyone using any of my designs, either open source or not.
By tigerstyle
KiwiNeil wrote: Sun Oct 09, 2022 9:18 am I’ve been building engine management ecus since 1990 (approx 330 in total), totally my own hardware and software designs.
This is interesting, as a noob, how do you do this? In laymans terms did you create your own 'closed source/private' version of speeduino (before you knew about speeduino? Did you make your own tuning software too, or would you still have gone through Tuner Studio or similar previously?
By KiwiNeil
Speeduino firmware and reference designs are totally open source, no one can create closed source speeduino software, it is the way the open source license works.
I learned about speeduino in 2020, up until then all my ecus were totally my own design both hardware and assembly language software. But as soon as I found out about speeduino I realised that open source software was the way to go in the future so went that route. The speeduino community is a huge team of dedicated people working towards a common goal, you can’t beat that!
By KiwiNeil
Yes it was a lot of work, it took me 3 years to get my first engine running. Software was all in assembly language, it had to be as the Mcu only operated at 2MHz and it only had 12k of program memory. I had a mate that could program in C who wrote the pc tuning software, I still haven’t learned C (other than playing around with arduino). It was all very basic really just fuel, ignition, fuel pump, fan, and open loop pwm idle control. But that is all you really need to run most engines!
By sheckta
That's pretty awesome that someone like you joins such a community, just by the looks of that design i'm sure you'll bring lots of positive things to the project!
Also would you mind making a post about that ecu/software stuff you were designing pre-speeduino? I'm just curious about how all that looks and i'm sure other people will like that aswell :D
By KiwiNeil
Here is a montag3 of some of the ecus I have built since the 90s. The early single sided pcbs were all hand etched, later double sided were professionally made, pcb software used in the early days was called SmartWork compared with what we have now it was very basic (came on a single 360k floppy disk) and cost $1200 when purchased in the 80s.
The Mcu I used was the Motorola 68HC711, used by a lot of engine management companies back then. All software was written in assembly language as c compilers were not very efficient back then and I had to fit the program in to 12k of eprom.
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