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By Julien Hilaire
Hi all,

what do you think about a speeduino's project in 2 pcb ?

I mean (based on an enclosure like DROPBEAR):
1 daughter pcb including all functions (8INJ, 8ING, IDLE, VVT, ...) + all filtering and modulation signals (CAM, CRANK, IAT, MAP, BARO, TPS, EGT, WBOx Ubat, IDLE) + AUTOMOTIVE CONNECTORS like DROPBEAR;
1 motherboard pcb with MCU but with standard numbers and peripherical position connectors to daughter board, 5v + BT or CAN signals, etc ...; with the ability to connect to various locations designed for MCU TEENSY3.X or TEENSY4.X or MEGA or ARDUINO PRO or STM32?

Isn't this a way to ensure that MCU availability won't be an issue?

Kind regards, Julien.
it requires 2 boards, so already more expensive to produce!

also, some are 5v and some are 3v and require amplification. :)

Not knocking it though :)
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