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By MatijaCHA
sk8 wrote:
Mon Feb 08, 2021 5:59 pm

Just tried it out, that did not work unfortunately. Engine would have a loud backfire every 5-10 seconds of cranking. Switched the wires around to
Speeduino -> Coil -> Engine
IGN1.1 -> 5/2 -> 3/4
IGN2.1 -> 3/6 -> 2/5
IGN3.1 -> 1/4 -> 1/6

This made the engine crank over but ran extremely rough. This seems like a dumb question, but does the trigger angle change with wasted spark? I ask because when I used a timing light initially on my engine with the cap/rotor my trigger angle was 50, but I see many other people with m20b25 engine have trigger angle of 84.

EDIT: The issue was my trigger angle. I set it to -84 and verified with the timing light, car cranked right up. I'm really confused why my trigger changed with wasted spark vs using stock cap/rotor. Car was running smooth at 50 degrees with the stock cap/rotor. I checked with the same timing light both times.
So whats the final pinout now that you made with 276 degree (IGN Ecu - coil - to zyl) and INJ outputs 1-to zyl 1-6 , out2 to 2-5 ,out3 to 3-4 ..? planing to run the same coil pack
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