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By c42
Unfortunately I had tried downgrading to build 2.2 but Ardustim has a line of code requiring a minimum build of 3.**
I have tried altering the line of code to say 2.2 but there are further errors cropping up later. I probably need to find an older version of Ardustim to load.
Any other ideas welcome.
By notarobot
@c42 I have exactly the same problem using SerialUI 3.2.2 .

I would try 2.2.2 if I could find where to download it but sounds like that does not work either. Hopefully someone can chime in with which are the latest versions of ardu-stim & serialui which work together and where they can be downloaded from.

By notarobot
After some testing here I found the following combinations of Ardu-stim & SeriaUI compiled without errors:-

Ardu-stim 6 Jan 17 + SerialUI 1.4
" 3 Dec 17 + " 2.1.6
" 22 Feb 18 + " 2.1.6
" " + " 2.2.2

Ardu-stim files were downloaded from

SerialUI files for 1.4 & 2.1.6 were downloaded from github.com/psychogenic/SerialUI and installed in Arduino IDE via install zip library.
SerailUI 2.2.2 was installed via Arduino IDE libary managemnt (select version to install in drop down list)

I have not tested program operation at all yet - this was just to get rid of compile errors.
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